December 30, 2006

Memory Ornaments

For Mom and Dad's Fiftieth Anniversary we gave them a party inviting family and friends. Since they were married on Christmas Eve, we asked everyone to bring an ornament that has to do with their lives together. I made this ornament for my son to give them. His grandma used to make chocolate cakes just for him. He loved them.

My Dad was an English teacher so I made this book for him. My husband used to listen to the radio on the way to our house to pick me up for a date so he'd have something to talk to Dad about when he got there. Dad always said he never had to listen to the news, because my future husband would fill him in on everything. So I made this radio for Hub to give them.
I made this to show my Dad after he retired. He loved to stand in the backyard with his binoculars and watch birds. Posted by Picasa

More Memory Ornaments

I made this for Cath to give her Grandma. Cath got a lot of phone calls.
I didn't make this, but it's one of the ornaments I gave Mom. She made almost all my clothes up until I got married.
And this house was one that Dad's brother gave them. Mom and Dad built a lot of houses.

There were lots of other ornaments, one for how they met, and one for babies born, and lots more. I thought you might like to see these. They make a real "family tree."
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December 15, 2006

Merry Chris Mouse

Well that's what I'm calling him anyway. These are what I gave to my co-workers for Christmas. They are chocolate covered cherries with a Hershey kiss stuck to them. They are super easy. I found the directions here and added my own little twist by putting them on a plastic spoon, and tying a note to them which read "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse". They were a bit hit.