April 21, 2007

Girlfriend and Johanna

Ny and Johanna. Layout for Ny's b-day this week.

April 13, 2007


I just posted this over at my site...but I figured I would put it here too...
So, I am throwing all caution to the wind and I have decided to share my first initial with you, and TF's first and last initials. I am doing this, because I started making my wedding favors last night and I am so darn excited about them that I want to share, but they involve our monogram.

When I first started thinking about favors, I knew I wanted to give something that would last rather than be eaten up in an instant like candy. I also didn't want to give out something that would just take up room in people's junk drawers until it was unceremoniously thrown out in a few months, years or decades.

I had seen some beautiful apothecary bottles with cork stops that were filled with sand and shells, and I thought that would be a really pretty thing to have at our wedding because they go with the coastal theme and they would also look nice on the tables and could add to the decor. However, the bottles were pretty expensive and I couldn't really figure out what people would do with them once they got them home. It seemed a bit to tsotchke-esque for what we were going for.

About a week after TF and I were engaged, Laura and I were in a Michael's near where I used to live and we saw square glass ornaments on sale. They were 4 for $2.99! It dawned on me that I could still give our guests the sand and the sea like I wanted to, but instead of having them in the apothecary bottles that would just sit around the house, we could make ornaments for them to have to put on their trees at Christmas (if they feel like it)...This made more and more sense as I considered that I have always tried to collect an ornament from places that I visit so that I can have a small memento to remember what I was doing that won't clutter up the house, but that I can take out once a year and appreciate. Also, when TF and I met each other's parents for the first time it was around the holidays and when I got to his parents house they were putting up the tree. His mom had two clear plastic boxes filled with ornaments that TF and his brother had received every year since they were kids that all had something to do with what they had done during the year. It is a tradition that they still do to this day...So we grabbed up as many as we could and I took them home until it was time to figure out what exactly to do with them.

A couple of months ago, I discovered this site, www.cyberislandshops.com when I was flipping through my Coastal Living magazine. I was able to find shells tiny enough to fit into the opening of the ornament in bulk. I bought four bags for $9.99 each, but I will mostly likely only use a little more than one for the ornaments; the rest I will use for the centerpieces.

When I was filling the ornaments with sand, I realized that they became very heavy, very quickly, so I decided only to put a little bit of sand in and some of the shells. But the ornaments ended up looking a little skimpy, so I thought maybe I could put a piece of paper (that coordinates with the invitations) inside them with our monogram on the front and the date of our wedding on the back. Getting the piece of paper in the ornament proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I think I have figured it out. Of course, I say that on the beginning end of making 125 ornaments!! Once I got the paper in the ornament, I decided that since you can't see the back of the paper that well, I might as well put the date on the front, along with the monogram, so for future ornaments, I will be doing that. It also cuts down on the number of pieces of paper that are glued to each other that I have to get into the ornament and then uncurl.

Anyway, I am sure I have bored you enough, so without further ado...here is the example ornament that I made to base all of the rest off of. You can see that there is a blue ribbon at the top to tie it with. The second picture shows the ornament sitting next to all of the paper pieces that I put together last night in preparation for making the rest of them. The final ornaments will also have a bit different sand in them. I am going to use concrete mix because it looks more like beach sand than the craft sand that I used in the example.

April 12, 2007

Name Plates

Farmwife's nameplates mentioned in her blog. All pertinent information removed.

Anyone else want to commission me ;)

April 08, 2007

Hand Lilies

Here's another easy, cheap project to do with the kids. Lilies made from hand prints. We made them with the pre-k class in VBS last summer and I borrowed the idea today for our Easter project at church. We made this bunch to give to the Queen Mother as an early Mother's Day gift.
  1. Trace and cut out hand prints.
  2. Make small loop with one end of the pipe cleaner and glue to palm of hand print.
  3. Cut out leaf shapes, wrap around pipe cleaner and glue down (I use clothes pins to hold them in place until the glue dries).
  4. Once all glue is dry, wrap hand print around pipe cleaner loop and tape or glue together.
  5. Gently roll fingers back to make petals.

That's it. Simple. Cute. Enjoy.