April 08, 2007

Hand Lilies

Here's another easy, cheap project to do with the kids. Lilies made from hand prints. We made them with the pre-k class in VBS last summer and I borrowed the idea today for our Easter project at church. We made this bunch to give to the Queen Mother as an early Mother's Day gift.
  1. Trace and cut out hand prints.
  2. Make small loop with one end of the pipe cleaner and glue to palm of hand print.
  3. Cut out leaf shapes, wrap around pipe cleaner and glue down (I use clothes pins to hold them in place until the glue dries).
  4. Once all glue is dry, wrap hand print around pipe cleaner loop and tape or glue together.
  5. Gently roll fingers back to make petals.

That's it. Simple. Cute. Enjoy.


gerry said...

Hey this looks really nice...thanks for sharing them...and well also drop by my blog on Mothers Day Wishes sometime and check out some of the amazing stuff i've posted there...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!!

Nan said...

Oh Farmie, this is the best idea! I'm always looking for something for the kids to do for their mom for Mother's Day. I know we can do this! Thank you for another great idea.

madretz said...

This'll be a great project to do with the little nieces and nephews and all my scrapbook paper leftovers.

Great idea, thanks!

(Really loved the suncatchers, too!)

zann said...

must, must remember this craft. So neat looking and easy!