September 01, 2006


I don't think you can see the text I wrote below the "We are blessed". It says Thanksgiving 2003. Because that's when it was.

And thankfully, this is all I have for now.


How lucky our kids are to have great grandparents. This is TulipMom's mother. And Grandpa Grumpy's Father.

He just turned 90. We went to the birthday party. After the party, his ladyfriend waited by the door while he went out to get the car. He drove it up to the door, went to her side and let her in, then got back into the driver's seat and drove away. My points are: 1) He's still driving at 90 years old and 2) He's still a gentleman.


For the first couple halloweens, I tried to put them in coordinating outfits. Here, Micky and Minnie Mouse. Too young to protest, he was.

Because Sleeping Babies are Cute.

The glaring white rectangle on the right page is actually a soft white card with a sweet little moon and glowing, glittery stars. I don't know why it looks like it's emitting radiation.

They are elusive.

This is Poppins and HeWhoShallNotBeNamed. They aren't mentioned much because "We Do Not Blog About Parents".

This is all chronilogical, by the way. He was born the end of August, this layout is nearing the end of October. There are lots of layouts because I chose a book without considering how many pages it had in it. Now I have lots of space to fill.


I left out 2 pages/1 layout here. Not that I think you mind because I'm putting up like a million posts here. I promise I won't do this again. I'll do them as I go, rather than all at once.

And yes, I put a photo of the cake in his book. I can't remember the name of the place but they made THE BEST cakes I've ever had. And that's worth a spot in the book.

One Stripey Month Old

This was my favorite little outfit for the longest time.

Great Adventure

Great Adventure is a Six Flags park in New Jersey. They have a Drive-Thru Wild Safari park too. It's like a zoo you can drive in. The giraffes walk up to the car and lick your windows, peacocks make scary noises at you...the baboons used to tear stuff off your car until they closed that section. It was cool. This is the favorite layout of The Man.

First Real Bath

She thought it was entirely unfair that he got to take a bath in the sink (in the baby bathtub) and she didn't. So we let her sit in the sink for her bath that day too.

Best Friends

The paper on the left page has cool dots of glitter that didn't show up very well. She was about 2 years 3 months when he was born.

First Day Home

The washers say "Imagine" "Dream" "Believe". For some reason the First Day Home layouts are always my favorite.

All of Us

Left Page Missing...

The missing page is the big birth record they gave us from the hospital.

Just Born

When Ev was born, we didn't yet know what his name was. So I didn't really say "Hi Everett, I'm Your Mommy." I left out his name at the time. He was to be either Everett, Joey (Joseph), or Henry.

1st Layout

Most of these will be 2 page layouts. So imagine the pages bound together in a lovely brown suede album. The pages of the album are black, which has been a bit harder to work with than the cream of the other book I did.

I've left a couple pages out that have documents with personal info on them. My scanner doesn't pick up the textures well and the colors aren't quite right on-line. Also, most of the time if the pictures look crooked, it's the way I scanned them. But not always! Like on this first page...not straight at all. It's way cuter in real life, I think.

It has taken me a little bit to get back into doing this, but I'm really enjoying it now.