October 31, 2007

no more plagiarizing for me...

Now that my sis has joined us, it looks like I will have to post my own creations. :-) Glad you're here, Bec!

Recent Craftings

Here is my spider hat I knitted, which I wore to a costume party last Saturday:

Full Costume:

And Further Embracing the Sweetgum Tree
I was helping my co-worker who is a girl-scout leader come up with some nature-type crafts that her first graders could make out of Sweetgum balls. And here is what I came up with. A Christmas Tree, A poinsettia, A wreath, A mouse, and snowman or bobble.

Crafty Kiddo Ideas

Here are some things we had for J's preschool Halloween party yesterday:
-edible spiders
-mummy muffins
-tootsie pop ghost
-ghost foot print
-pumpkin thumb prints

October 29, 2007

Toilet Paper pumpkin

I cannot take credit for this in the slightest. BabyGirl brought it home from school today & I had to share it. It's too cute to keep secret!

As far as I can tell you take a roll of toilet paper and set it on a piece of orange cloth. Bring the cloth up the sides of the roll & tuck the cloth into the top of the toilet paper roll. Then a piece of brown paper is rolled up and stuck in the top to make the stem with green pipe cleaner for the vine & a green felt leaf. The yellow spider is a ring.

I wish I'd have thought of this!!

October 28, 2007

Halloween Cards

I ended up making 3 different Halloween cards this year.
This is the first one I made. I got the broom pattern from a magazine, but it'd be easy enough to sketch yourself. I used swirly rubber stamps to create the sweeping bristles, a bit of red waxed linen and some embossed scrapbook paper for the background. Printed the saying "Wishing you a bewitching Halloween" inside. I started making these in September and thought 18 would be enough but turned out I needed about 18 more.

So I decided to make this one:
And it looks pretty simple, but it was a very time consuming card because I had to dry emboss the bats then sand them to get the white to show through. I made the swirly embossing on the purple paper with a cuttlebug. I only made 3 of these.

So after I started getting batty with the bats, I switched over to this tri-fold card.
Super easy: take an 11"x 4.25" piece of cardstock and fold it in half. Measure 2" for each of the 2 folds and cut and discard the remaining 1.5". Measure out a rectangle to glue on top of the top fold - whatever size, I eyeballed it and think it came to about 3.5" x 2.5"-ish. That's it.

Wishing you all a fun, scary and safe Halloween!

I'm still sending out a call to everyone to post your fun autumn creations. Thanks to everyone who's played! It's great having more activity here!! Once again, if you know anyone who'd like to join our little nudges towards creativity, please just have them leave a comment in any of the posts with their interest and I'll pop them an invitation!

more of my sister's creativity

My younger sis really outdid herself on my daughter's birthday cake.
I just about cried when I saw how cute it was
and thought about how much work it took to design and make.

It was yummy, too. White cake with butter cream frosting.
The black dye had a hint of licorice taste to it, but not too strong.

Baby Bear loved it.

October 22, 2007


Happy Halloween!!!

Recognize this skelli? I think it needs a Jack Skellington smile. Acrylic heart with rinestone and feather wings.

Sorry to not be much more creative in my writing, I feel horrible. Serious allergy attack going on, meds not working, tissue stuffed up running nose (great visual, huh?!), sinus headache, sore throat, cramps (sorry, TMI, huh?), not to mention the town I mostly grew up in was evacuated this am b/c of the So. California fires. Very worried about all of my friends.

Autumn Socks

Because Madretz asked so very nicely:

Rain King Socks*
Pattern from: Standard 72 stitch cast-on socks
Yarn: Trekking 161
Needles: Size 1 Addis (Magic Loop Method)
Completed: October 13 and October 21, 2007
*Named for a Counting Crows song that we sang while we travelled and I knitted these socks.

Follow me to...

a skosh more. Also to trying to grab some happy for more art.

Mostly b/c I'm too lazy to post in two places and also since I feel ick and its 2:14 am and I can't sleep b/c I can't breathe. I think I'll stay home from work tomorrow.

October 15, 2007

my sister's pumpkin cake

My sis made her own birthday cake....

she wanted to see which type of chocolate mix she liked better, so she used two different kinds. Doesn't it look sweet?

The stem is an ice-cream cone.
The frosting is a Wilton recipe butter cream which she whipped up from scratch.

The cake is actually two bundt cakes.

Hopefully she'll forgive me for sharing HER creativity. But I thought I'd continue nudging. ;->

October 10, 2007

Sandi the skeleton

Firstly, I'd like to thank A Wandering Heart for the nudge towards creativity! I think we all need more nudges here, it's been waaay too quiet!

A Wandering Heart just recently joined us in our creative adventures. Welcome aboard!!! If any of you know anyone else who would like to join our group so they can share their artistic, crafty and creative creations, please have them just leave a comment in any of the posts with their request and either I or Nan/Cate will send them an invitation. The more nudges in creativity we have, the more we'll post our own creations and that'll inspire all of us to do more, too. And thanks to Zann for asking her to join us, whoo hooo Zann!!

With that said, here's my little halloween creation.
I made her last year, completely and totally inspired and copied from Elsie Flannigan's creation.

Now here's my shout out to Each and Every one of you - show us your fun fall creations!! Even if it's from the past, we wanna see 'em!

October 09, 2007

This might be double exposure for some of you...

The cornucopia and its fillings came from the dollar tree.... it was easy, and I wanted something to adorn my door without spending my daughter's life savings.

I also refuse to spend my daughter's college savings on hair bows. I found the ribbon and dragonflies at wal-mart and hot glued them to alligator clips from Sally Beauty Supply.

If I ever get back into scrapbooking, or teach myself to crochet, I may have more contributions to this blog. In the meantime, I'm joining Zann in nudging the rest of you to post some of your Fall creations.

October 05, 2007

Further Embracing the Sweetgum Tree

This place needed something posted to it, so I thought I'd show you the Christmas garland I've been working on, using - what else? The sweetgum balls off our tree in the front yard. I like how rustic it looks.