October 09, 2007

This might be double exposure for some of you...

The cornucopia and its fillings came from the dollar tree.... it was easy, and I wanted something to adorn my door without spending my daughter's life savings.

I also refuse to spend my daughter's college savings on hair bows. I found the ribbon and dragonflies at wal-mart and hot glued them to alligator clips from Sally Beauty Supply.

If I ever get back into scrapbooking, or teach myself to crochet, I may have more contributions to this blog. In the meantime, I'm joining Zann in nudging the rest of you to post some of your Fall creations.


madretz said...

Whooo Hooo!!

Thanks Wandering Heart for posting the cool hair bows and cornacopia. It's great to have you on board N-N cuz it seems like we could all use quite a bit of Nudging here.

in my front stoop i have a cute skeleton i decorated last year. i posted it on my regular blog last year but i think i'll post it here too in response to your little nudge. Thanks for that! :)

Nan said...

I always have the best of intentions, but have such a hard time following through. You are inspiring. The cornucopia is so pretty on your front door. And I bet your little one loves the sparkles you put on her hair bows.