October 29, 2007

Toilet Paper pumpkin

I cannot take credit for this in the slightest. BabyGirl brought it home from school today & I had to share it. It's too cute to keep secret!

As far as I can tell you take a roll of toilet paper and set it on a piece of orange cloth. Bring the cloth up the sides of the roll & tuck the cloth into the top of the toilet paper roll. Then a piece of brown paper is rolled up and stuck in the top to make the stem with green pipe cleaner for the vine & a green felt leaf. The yellow spider is a ring.

I wish I'd have thought of this!!


Nan said...

That is the simplest pumpkin I've seen anywhere and so cute. At least one of my grands will attempt it...especially when I tell her BabyGirl made it!

madretz said...

It's so cute! I agree with Nan, that it'd be a great little project to do with the kids. I really like the fabric she used.

phinner said...

Oh boy! that is soooooo Cute!!! Clever use of the spidey ring : .)

zann said...

What a super cute idea.
Must stash away for future.