October 15, 2007

my sister's pumpkin cake

My sis made her own birthday cake....

she wanted to see which type of chocolate mix she liked better, so she used two different kinds. Doesn't it look sweet?

The stem is an ice-cream cone.
The frosting is a Wilton recipe butter cream which she whipped up from scratch.

The cake is actually two bundt cakes.

Hopefully she'll forgive me for sharing HER creativity. But I thought I'd continue nudging. ;->


madretz said...

Oh my, it looks sinfully delicious! Chocolate cake with butter cream frosting is my favorite.
I've always wanted to take cake decorating classes. Her pumpkin is really clever!

phinner said...


I'd be in ButterCreamHeaven!


I'm surprised that this stayed structurally intact, what with all that bundt weight!!! : .)

a wandering heart said...

She came across someone on her Babycenter board who makes cakes, and is teaching herself. I think she bought a book, too. She's making my daughter's panda bear birthday cake next week.

I'm not sure how she got it to stay in tact, but it was yummy!!! And it rode in the car for an hour and a half without collapsing. :-)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

First of all: Mmmmmmm. Secondly, that is genius!

happymcfamily said...

Thanks for the compliments! Sure, I'll contribute from time to time. I may have more things to share post-preschool Halloween party.

Lauren-no I haven't gotten a book.

ragged around the edges- I got the idea for the pumpkin cake by looking around online. The genius was not my own :p

phinner- we had no structural issues whatsoever! I didn't even have to put supports in it or anything. I was a little nervous myself seeing as the bottom bundt cake is upside down, but it was pretty sturdy.

FarmWife said...

I have to try this! It's adorable!!

Nan said...

I love this! And it looks scrumptious! What a good idea to use two bundt cake pans!