June 23, 2006


After numerous sitings of bears in our area recently and one really funny news story : http://www.johnsoncitypress.com/Detail.php?Cat=HOMEPAGE&ID=57095 (copy and paste I can't figure out how to make it a link) regarding them I made this illustration.. I call it "Bear with us in East Tennessee"

No reason for drawing it really, just for the heck of it. I'm on a roll recently. Thank you nudge nudge, for nudging me to do stuff :)

June 14, 2006

In Honor of Father's Day

A new illustration. I call it "Waiting Up For Daddy"

June 12, 2006

My new blog

So, this may or may not count under the Nudge-Nudge submission policy...but I am so tickled that I actually did this by myself, I just had to post it here.

I spent the weekend modifying my blog so that it is more personal. The biggest trick; I downloaded Photoshop's 30 day trial so that I could modify the artwork that I got from istockphoto.com. I also learned that Blogger hosts its own photos, so if you ever need HTML for a photo, you can just create a post with that photo uploaded into it. Then go to the 'Edit Html' page and grab the code. You don't even need to post the photo to keep the code.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

June 08, 2006

Birthday invite

This is a picture (on my cell phone, sans flash...but holding a flash light to at least get some light on the subject) of the invitation that I made last year for my 30th birthday. The base is light pink, the squares are a dark cream color. The text was printed on a B/W laser printer and then cut out. There are actually two thin lines bordering each square, not just one thick line. There is a striped piece of velum over the bottom third of the invite. The ribbon is brown.

There are two ways to tie a bow...on this card, I wrapped a longer section of ribbon around the card and secured it with double stick tape. Then I cut a smaller piece of ribbon and tied it around the longer piece on the card and cut the ends.

To make an actual bow (like the one on my previous post), I cut a length of ribbon and make a loop with my left hand, holding the loop with my forefinger and thumb and 'pressing' the loop so that it 'folds over' my thumb, towards my wrist. Then I make another loop with my right hand and pass that loop over the back of the one in my left hand and under and around to make a bow...after I adjust it, I trim the ends and then attach it to my project with double stick tape.

Ok...so I think for my 31st birthday, I am asking for a digital camera :)


June 03, 2006

Wedding Card

Ok...so, this really doesn't show up well...I don't have a digital camera so I had to use my phone and...well...it really doesn't do this one ounce of justice.

The card itself is a creamy, blue. The ribbon is chocolate brown. I rubbed the edges of the card and both parts of the piece in the middle (the base is the same blue, the other piece is cream colored) with brown ink from an ink pad. The stamp I used on the middle piece is from Stampin' Up. The card is 5" x 5".

I also made a cream envelope and lined it with the blue paper. This may just be incentive enough for me to get a real digital camera...or at least ask for one for my birthday.

Yeah...so that's it. My little piece of craftiness.

Thanks for letting me share.