June 03, 2006

Wedding Card

Ok...so, this really doesn't show up well...I don't have a digital camera so I had to use my phone and...well...it really doesn't do this one ounce of justice.

The card itself is a creamy, blue. The ribbon is chocolate brown. I rubbed the edges of the card and both parts of the piece in the middle (the base is the same blue, the other piece is cream colored) with brown ink from an ink pad. The stamp I used on the middle piece is from Stampin' Up. The card is 5" x 5".

I also made a cream envelope and lined it with the blue paper. This may just be incentive enough for me to get a real digital camera...or at least ask for one for my birthday.

Yeah...so that's it. My little piece of craftiness.

Thanks for letting me share.



phinner said...

Lovely! I would have never used brown and bleu together!!!

The picture is not bad for a cell phone camera. They don't have flash, right?

Yes, you need digital camera : .)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Very pretty! My favorite colors are anything paired with brown, so I am intrigued by this.

Beautiful work.

madretz said...

What a wonderfully elegant card!!! I think it's just perfect. The ribbon really add that extra special touch.

More more more! I wanna see more of your creations please!!

Cate said...

I love brown and blue...and the card is so pretty, good job!

zann said...

yes very nice indeed. I'm impressed with your ribbon tying ability.. something I have never mastered. The rubbed edges create an enhanced 3 deminsional effect. The blue and brown along with the pattern of the stamp make me think "French" and of course french is the language of love... so that is perfect for a wedding card. Do you have anying sayings or sentiment on the interior or back? Does it have an interior?

Girl said...

Oh wow. I could get used to all the complements!

The inside of the card is blank. My roommate is going to write a bible verse on it (she has better handwriting than I do)

The ribbon is left over from the invitations I did for my 30th birthday last year...if I can figure out how to post that, I will because that shows my favorite tip for tying a bow which is just tying a knot around an already existing ribbon...difficult to explain in words, so I may go and figure out how to post the invitation now...