June 08, 2006

Birthday invite

This is a picture (on my cell phone, sans flash...but holding a flash light to at least get some light on the subject) of the invitation that I made last year for my 30th birthday. The base is light pink, the squares are a dark cream color. The text was printed on a B/W laser printer and then cut out. There are actually two thin lines bordering each square, not just one thick line. There is a striped piece of velum over the bottom third of the invite. The ribbon is brown.

There are two ways to tie a bow...on this card, I wrapped a longer section of ribbon around the card and secured it with double stick tape. Then I cut a smaller piece of ribbon and tied it around the longer piece on the card and cut the ends.

To make an actual bow (like the one on my previous post), I cut a length of ribbon and make a loop with my left hand, holding the loop with my forefinger and thumb and 'pressing' the loop so that it 'folds over' my thumb, towards my wrist. Then I make another loop with my right hand and pass that loop over the back of the one in my left hand and under and around to make a bow...after I adjust it, I trim the ends and then attach it to my project with double stick tape.

Ok...so I think for my 31st birthday, I am asking for a digital camera :)



Cate said...

As far as digital cameras go, you seem to get a much better picture than most...

I love the way you took the time to make these unique invitations. I'm sure the people who got them treasured them.

Very nice!

madretz said...

Simply lovely! I'll bet it was an amazing day!!!

Don't let not having a digital camera stop you...these pics are just fine! Altho, I'd be lost w/o mine. I'm asking for *another* digi camera for my bday this year. One that's more compact so I put it in my pocket and go.

Thanks for sharing your art. Can't wait to see more!

Farm Wife said...

How sweet! I love the pink and brown combo...very mid-century. And you give such good instructions!