August 03, 2008

more cake...

... I'm pretty caked out. I had some leftover supplies from the church cake and tomorrow our church is serving lunch for the teachers at a local elementary school during inservice. So I decided to decorate a small cake for the teachers to use up my supplies. (I already had the cake itself in the freezer). It won't be enough to feed them all, but I didn't officially sign up to bring anything. So it will just be a pleasant surprise in addition to whatever other people bring I guess.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

August 01, 2008

Happy BIRTH-DAy dear chu-uuuurch...

It's not really the church's birthday. Sunday is Homecoming at our church and I made a cake for it... a cake that is supposed to look like our church is on it. When Juliana saw the cake, she started singing happy birthday to the church :) Apparently, cakes are specifically for birthdays.