May 09, 2006


Made this last week for my girlfriend's daughter's first b'day. Posted by Picasa


Cate said...

Oh, it's perfect for a little one, who needs to be just that much taller. And the colors are little girl perfect, as well as the flowers and butterflies. And your pretty printing tops it off!

zann said...

how pretty! I love the lettering, did you do that freehand? If so - I am so envious of your ability. I like the cute speckles on the butterflies too. Her little girl will treasure that and likely get a good bit of use out of it.

madretz said...

The lettering is a font from Creating Keepsakes called: CK Anything Goes.

It is a fun font, isn't it?

But I printed it in the size I wanted and used transfer paper/carbon paper and traced over the text onto the footstool.

I can print it freehand fairly well, but I wanted to make sure that it was evenly spaced and sized for this. I'll often address envelopes using this style of lettering where variations don't matter as much.

Musicgeek (Kim) said...

What a pretty way to get a boost for washing hands at the sink!!

Farm Wife said...

That is fabulous! How sweet.