October 28, 2007

more of my sister's creativity

My younger sis really outdid herself on my daughter's birthday cake.
I just about cried when I saw how cute it was
and thought about how much work it took to design and make.

It was yummy, too. White cake with butter cream frosting.
The black dye had a hint of licorice taste to it, but not too strong.

Baby Bear loved it.


phinner said...

Incredibly precious!!!

You're sis is very talented!

My favorite, white cake with buttercream frosting, yummmmm!!!

phinner said...

ay carumba! English is my first language...YOUR sis. sheesh!

a wandering heart said...

He he. At least I AM a sister so it's not a completely ludicrous mistake, even if it doesn't make sense... (sp?)

madretz said...

she is so talented!! And the extra cupcake paws with pink claws, omgoodness so creative and beyond cute!

I'd love to send her an invite to join us here, I left a comment on her blog a while ago then she did here, too, but I need her email address. Can you have her email me a madeline@retzlaff.com and i'll send her an invite? Thanks!!

zann said...

How adorable! She really outdid herself. Can't believe she has no formal training... when you said she was already doing cakes like a pro you weren't joking.

zann said...
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Nan said...

How wonderful to find out what you're really good at while you're young! I love the panda! It's got personality! And the cupcakes are such a nice addition! Your sister is really good. I hope she joins us too.