October 31, 2007

Recent Craftings

Here is my spider hat I knitted, which I wore to a costume party last Saturday:

Full Costume:

And Further Embracing the Sweetgum Tree
I was helping my co-worker who is a girl-scout leader come up with some nature-type crafts that her first graders could make out of Sweetgum balls. And here is what I came up with. A Christmas Tree, A poinsettia, A wreath, A mouse, and snowman or bobble.


a wandering heart said...

Very cute!!!!

happymcfamily said...

I like the flower :)

zann said...

yes I think the flower was my favorite as well. It and the Christmas tree. Best thing about the flower is that it didn't even require any glue.

madretz said...

Ok, you are going to make me gather all those pesky Sweetgum balls and make some of these cute things! Especially like the flower, mouse and wreath...but if i try to make something i might just jump off the deep and and do the garland.

Ok, how did you make that flower without any glue?

Nan said...

The more of those Sweetgum balls you teach everyone to use, the fewer on the ground to mow up or step on, so I say, "You go, girl."

I also want to encourage you to post your "other" Halloween costume. I thought it was hilariously funny!