October 10, 2007

Sandi the skeleton

Firstly, I'd like to thank A Wandering Heart for the nudge towards creativity! I think we all need more nudges here, it's been waaay too quiet!

A Wandering Heart just recently joined us in our creative adventures. Welcome aboard!!! If any of you know anyone else who would like to join our group so they can share their artistic, crafty and creative creations, please have them just leave a comment in any of the posts with their request and either I or Nan/Cate will send them an invitation. The more nudges in creativity we have, the more we'll post our own creations and that'll inspire all of us to do more, too. And thanks to Zann for asking her to join us, whoo hooo Zann!!

With that said, here's my little halloween creation.
I made her last year, completely and totally inspired and copied from Elsie Flannigan's creation.

Now here's my shout out to Each and Every one of you - show us your fun fall creations!! Even if it's from the past, we wanna see 'em!


a wandering heart said...

Aw, thanks for the sweet welcome! My contributions may be few and far between, as I always have the grandest of intentions. Perhaps if I spent my insomniac moments creatively rather than wandering the net, I might have more to share. It'll come... someday!

Ok y'all... or is it ya'll
(?) I always thought of it as a contraction and separate the 2 words accordingly. But I digress...

Looking forward to future posts- and hopefully in less than a few months. ;>

a wandering heart said...

p.s. Sandi looks like a great greeter!

zann said...

Hehe, she's so darn cute. I love her little black skirt... for some reason this reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas... I have no idea why. How did you put her together?

madretz said...

she comes put together, from Michaels. i just drew in her eyes and mouth and put the lace skirt on her.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Ooooh, a cute and sassy skeleton. You don't often get both in spooky decorations.

Nan said...

She's a little naughty in her see-through skirt isn't she?

I'm so glad there's more activity going on here. I thought those beans were going to be on there forever!

Welcome, welcome, welcome, Lauren!