September 01, 2006

1st Layout

Most of these will be 2 page layouts. So imagine the pages bound together in a lovely brown suede album. The pages of the album are black, which has been a bit harder to work with than the cream of the other book I did.

I've left a couple pages out that have documents with personal info on them. My scanner doesn't pick up the textures well and the colors aren't quite right on-line. Also, most of the time if the pictures look crooked, it's the way I scanned them. But not always! Like on this first page...not straight at all. It's way cuter in real life, I think.

It has taken me a little bit to get back into doing this, but I'm really enjoying it now.


madretz said...

It's soo cool to see your sb pages! I totally love 'em. :)

So were you at the movies when you went into labor?

emily said...

Yes, we had made plans to go and I so love the movies that I didn't say anything about the contractions I was having. Towards the end of the movie I finally told my husband that they were less than 5 minutes apart and I wasn't feeling so great. :)