August 27, 2006

Fast Forward to Halloween!

Here is the little gourd ghoul I made for Phin.
This is the newest member of the trio...a little mummy gourd. He has Mou-Ah-Ha-Ha written on his tummy.
This is Ragged's "Ready for the Ball" little gourd witch.

Our gourds along the fence are doing beautifully. We've counted thirty-five so far. I've been reading more about when to cut them from the vine in the "Foxfire Books", and it said to let them go through two frosts to harden the skin. I go out to check on them every morning and every afternoon just to trim them and see how they're doing.

Hub and I went to Cumberland Gap again this week-end...yes, we love it there. I spoke with one of the merchants of a primitive art shop and asked her if they bought from locals. She said they did, but she'd have to take a look first. She said she bought them outright from the artists and then marked them up for whatever she thought she could get. I'm such a novice at this that I don't have a clue about all the buying and selling part of it. But I did notice that Hub's ears perked up, and he became much more interested in what I'm doing!
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Ragged Around the Edges said...

Cate! You are so talented and I am so honored to have a piece of your art.

phinner said...

These are fabulous!!! I'm so glad you posted more of your gourd art!

I've heard that typically you calculate what your supplies cost, then determine how many hours you work on an average piece, multiply that by an hourly rate ($20-$25 an hour, or more depending on the art) then double that number to get a selling price.

I so think you should sell your stuff. I'lll need to know where, so I can buy myself a mummy for my collection ; .)

madretz said...

It'll totally be awesome for you to sell your art! You really have a nitch with your gourd art and with Halloween right around the corner, I think they'd sell very well.

zann said...

I want a gourd goul, goblin, ghost or what-not! Those are fabulous. You should have no trouble getting the lady at Cumberland Gap to purchase from you. Heck you should just start your own website and sell from there. I don't think you'd have any trouble whatsoever. I'd totally buy one! I looove the eyes! And they all have such great personalities!

Oh! BTW? Do you have Foxfire #13? Page 232 is my Father-in-Law :D

Karry said...

OMG I totally love those! Tell me where you sell them when you do cause I want one of the first ones (black and white ghoul) He's awesome and the eyes are perfect!

Cate said...

Thanks so much for the nice words everyone! I may not be selling them for awhile...I don't really know how. (I'll file what you told me, Phin, so that maybe I can figure it out.)

Plus, I owe some as gifts. (Among others, my daughter, daughter-in-law, and two nieces haven't gotten one yet and I don't want to forget them!)

emily said...

These are so cute! I'd totally buy one, especially this time of year. You're very talented.