March 24, 2007

Super Simple Suncatchers

The kids and I made these one day a few weeks ago. It was raining and they needed distraction. They are so easy and can take as much or as little time as you want. I think I may like making them as much as the kids do.

You take coffee filters, smash them down flat, color them however you want with washable markers, spritz them lightly with water from a spray bottle, wrinkle up, smooth out, dry on paper towels, & hang however you like. Think of it as elementary tye-dye. And they are cheap so you can make new ones as often as you like.

My kids love seeing how they change once wet and crumpled. It can keep them busy for a good 30-45 minutes. With 3 kids, that's not bad.


Nan said...

I LOVE these! This will give me something to do with the grands while they're on Spring Break!!! Yea!

Girl said...

That's really cool!

phinner said...

Those are sooooooo cool!!! I gotta tell the director of my monthly volunteer project about these!!!