May 09, 2007

Embracing the Sweetgum tree part 2

So this year I have made it a point to try to get to a point where I like the sweetgum tree that drops spiney little balls all over our front yard. After reading up on the tree and realizing that they only bear these spiney little fruits after they've reached the ripe ol age of 20 years, and the fact that it is our only source of shade in the front yard... I have decided that I need to just fall in love with the tree and find a use for the balls. So I've gotten crafty. You saw the spiders from Halloween. This so far I've made a

Sweetgum ball Christmas Tree centerpiece

and a few Sweetgum ball Puffer Fish Ornaments

I wonder if these would sell? There are just so many Sweetgum items one person can have in their own household, and I've a feeling I will be getting close to my limit by the end of the year. But the tree just keeps producing more balls. More sweetgum art to come.



madretz said...

That's so cool, Zann. I like how you can see the potential in something that's usually an annoyance. A true creative soul!
The tree is awesome, I think you could leave it up longer than Christmas. And the puffer fishies crack me up with their big eyes and lips! So funny! Do you have to wear gloves when use them? They're so prickly.

phinner said...
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phinner said...

I so need a sweetgumball puffer fish!!! How much, lay-dee, how much?

I take that back, I need three. Then I'll have a school of puffers : .)

zann said...

LOL, just email me your addy, I'll send them to you for free.

Farm Wife said...

Those are so cute! You could always gather all the sweetgumballs up and drop them off at a local of our boys packed one around the entire zoo last weekend. He was so thrilled with his find!

I adore the puffer fish!!

Nan said...

I love the puffers! Very cute!

Eileen Fay said...

Charming! I love the Christmas tree and puffer fish you made.

When I was a child in Claremont, Calif. (late '50s, early '60s) we had sycamore trees that also dropped these spiky balls. I guess they are related to the sweetgum? Anyway, we would spray paint them silver or gold and use them for Christmas ornaments. Or pile them up like you did as a tree or a snowman.

Thanks for bringing back happy memories!

Anonymous said...

My mum used them with other seeds and pods, spray painting them and mounting them on a light wooden frame. She used small Christmas ornaments as well.

She covered the wooden frame with moss and glued the items down.

They were gorgeous. I still have mine after 30 years.