July 17, 2007

Bean Brainstorming

Eliza's friend Sarah spent the day with her today, and they wandered outside on the porch where I was breaking beans. They were fascinated with the beans and wanted to help. The beans with the strings are, I think, theirs. I was thoroughly entertained and the time flew by. They began holding them up and seeing what they reminded them of. It was fun. I enjoyed every minute of it.
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phinner said...

what did one bean say to the dune?

how you bean dune.

: .)

cool bean fun! clever girls!!!

Nan said...

Sounds like that bean had been studying acting with Joey from "Friends!"

a wandering heart said...

Hey girls-
Zann asked me to post my hair clippies on here since things have been kinda slow. Um.. I don't have access. So come visit my blog and see them!