April 19, 2008

Bow Holder

The 3 ribbons I had hanging on the back of Juliana's door were overflowing with her 70ish bows, so I decided to make a bow holder. At first I was going to use a wooden letter J, but it just wouldn't hold enough ribbons for the number of bows she has. (she wears bows all the time... always has). So this is what I came up with. I'm not really pleased with how the letters turned out, but I wasn't displeased enough to paint over them and start again.

For what it's worth, there are 13 bows doubled (to 26) for pigtails.
And I didn't go broke on them... 26 were hand made and most of the rest of them were purchased using gift money for birthdays and whatnot (and several were purchased on clearance). I just wanted to clarify that before anyone started doing the math and assumed I spent hundreds of dollars on bows. No way :) If I could afford to spend that much on bows I would have just purchased a bow holder rather than making my own for about $3 :)


a wandering heart said...

for th record, your bow addiction is worse than my flower addiction. ;)

happymcfamily said...

Hee hee, I don't think so... I don't write multiple blog posts about the details of which bows I purchased/made where, how I came about buying them, their colors, shapes and sizes, or their placement upon Juliana's head ;)Neither do I transplant them once they are applied to said head for the day, or do I write more posts in a week about hair bows than I do my child. Wait... I guess that may not be your flower addiction I'm referring too, I guess that's your blogging addiction. I digress :p

JANA said...

I'm extending an invitation for you to visit Uniquely U boutique!
"www.uniquelyuboutique.com" You may find a bow holder or hair bow you just have to have!