May 11, 2010

anyone still here?

So, I have posted these elsewhere.... but just because I can't stand how neglected this blog has been for a YEAR, here you go, if you are reading:

 "wild roses"

A good friend from way back makes something like this and then puts them on some really cute knit hats that she also makes.

Thankfully, this one looks cuter in my daughter's hair than on the table. 


madretz said...

Thanks so much for posting Lauren!! Yes, this blog has been sadly neglected. Maybe your post will inspire us to get back in the groove!

These are super cute! I've been meaning to try my hand at crocheting some flowers. I've got the needles, i've got the yarn...what i don't have is any more excuses!

Lauren said...

Make some and show them to us! :)

Nan said...

I love these! I've never crocheted anything but a simple string though so I doubt I'd be able to make anything so complicated...they sure would be cute for my gdaughter though.

I've really been slacking on posting, both on my blog and here. I'm glad you haven't given up Lauren, and glad to know that Mad still is checking in. When school starts in three weeks, I'll have more time and try to get back in the swing.