May 23, 2012

Clothes pin Apron

 I realize no one's been here in nearly a year (maybe longer), but I feel guilty totally abandoning such a wonderful creative outlet.  So I thought I'd post my latest creation.  It's nothing supremely special, but I did make it all by myself & that qualifies it for Nudge-Nudge status.

I made a clothespin apron.  It's just a simple 2 (giant) pocket half apron made to hold the massive number of clothes pins I need to hang the 85,000 articles of clothing the FarmHands dirty each day.  I had one of those pin bags but it didn't stand up to years of use and was beginning to fall to pieces on me.

I emptied my scrap drawer and pulled out one of  the largest pieces of non-flannel fabric I had and stitched this up.  I had to to a bit of piecing together as I didn't have quite enough of any one fabric to make the waist band with.
 The above picture is the apron empty and hanging sweetly (Lilly May and Buddy Joe needed to get in on the act, too).  Below is it stuffed to the gills with clothes pins.
It almost makes me excited to do laundry tomorrow......almost.

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madretz said...

Very clever! Love the fabric you used, too.