July 20, 2006

A new card. I have been trying to master the art of the pop up. This is the first card that I have managed that actually comes up and creates negative space behind it without any help from me. I do need to use different glue though.
Here is the front of the birthday card:

And here is the card when opened.


phinner said...

Very cute!!! What does it say in the inside? Is that a cat holding the balloons?

zann said...

Yes a cat with balloons tied to its tail, holding the slice of cake (missing from the cake on the front) with a candle in it.

The inside reads: "Birthdays should be like good friends, we should always welcome their dropping in. Happy Birthday"

there may be some other words but that's the gist of it. I sent it to a friend so I don't have it anymore.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I loved pop-up books as a kid and love the idea of the card versions. Very, very cute.

Cate said...

I thought I commented on this, but it must have missed it's mark. I have a "how to do pop-ups" book, but haven't had time to use it. I love this one, and I'm so glad Ragged asked you about the verse. It goes with it beautifully.

I think the best thing about Nudge-Nudge is that I get inspired by the creativity everyone shares with us!