November 03, 2006

Quick tags

A little late in posting, but these are a handful of the tags I made for Halloween. They're stickers from Rusty Pickle and Moonshine Design. Posted by Picasa


zann said...

out of curiosity what were the tags used for? Goody bags perhaps? Scrapbook?
Very cute though. I particularly like the wiggly lined boxes, and you have such nice hand-writing.

madretz said...

I sent some small packages to my nephews and attached the tags to them and wrote a little note on the back of each. I try to make personalized tags to attach to gifts whenever possible. But I also use them for goodie bags and in my scrapbooks.

Phin uses tags like these to make awesome tagbooks for gifts, each tag is a page. She binds them thru the hole with a clamp (?) ring or key ring. Maybe if she gets the chance she can post one here. (nudge-nudge, wink wink, know what I mean?) heehee!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Very cool and creative. . . we expect nothing less from you!