June 17, 2007

That Look and Other Inspiration

My back is screaming from sitting on the floor, but I couldn't let go until I finished this work. My soul sista served as my inspiration for this weekend's layouts. I have all these great photos of Grilfiend. Finally played with the pixs and came up with these pages. The layouts scanned a bit dark, so click on the photos to get a better look at the details. I sewed the seed beads on the flowers, painted the swirly chipboard with sparkly black acrylic paint, stamped the winged heart on acetate, the background paper was purchased.

Shot of MadRetz's earring(s) she bot at the Maker Faire. I took it with her camera and edited it in iPhoto. I like her contented smile.

I took this pix while we were playing in Sausalito. You can rent bicycles and cruise around town. I suggested we do that, then Mad could buy a mountain bike and I'd have a partner for all those trail rides I want to do. I got "the Look" haha!!! I'm thinkin' I got the eyebrow raise too, but you can't tell with the stunnah shades on! Can you tell that she wasn't hip on the idea?

I printed the "YOU" in 325 point
font, then cut them out of black cardstock. I printed the other text on a manilla folder, but now it dawns on me I could have done that for the larger letters, instead of mounting the cut outs on the manilla, sheesh! Could have saved myself a bunch of time! The background paper, arrow and star are all the same line of scrapbook papers.

So much fun!!!


madretz said...

That's my "Yea. Right. Keep dreaming." look. ;)

I love these!! they're so artistic! Can't wait to see them in person. But tragically - I lost one of the earrings this weekend.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

What a beautiful tribute to a good friend. . . and a way to record some of your time together. I love the "look". Do you get it often?

zann said...

Posting on two post in one here. I love your pages. They involve such time and care. And are so artistic. They are just so pretty and really evoke the emotions from you pictures. You are so good at that, it is something I really admire.

Nan said...

I love the way you tied the quote to the earrings...

And the look on Madretz's face is priceless!

These are the kind of pages I want to do...someday.