December 17, 2007

Church Baby

This is the second portion of my crafty endeavor. It's a church baby for Bitsy's stocking. Princess got one for HT at a craft fair last spring & I thought it was adorable. I found the instructions on line at:

She's made from red flannel scraps & Mary Englebright cherry scraps. I think I may name her Charlotte after Laura's doll in the Little House books. Her head could look better...but I doubt my 5 month old will mind.

I have to say, I love projects made entirely with scrap fabric.
(I'm having problems with the picture. If you can't see it, let me know.)


madretz said...

I totally think Charlotte would be the best name for her, she looks like a Charlotte and I love that you'd name her after Laura's doll. I'd so make one of these if I had babies.

Nan said...

So soft to sleep with, too. Kids love that.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely adorable..I love it.

Mommakitten said...

I came across your profile and I was intrigued by this adorable church baby. I had one similar when I was little. Very creative!