July 25, 2008

Baby Crafting

It's been forever since I've gotten around to posting in here. But it is high time.
I'll confess, most of my crafting comes about because I'm cheap.
I'll look at something and think "well, I could do that for less than what they want for it". Like pacifier clips for instance. In the store they are a couple of bucks and most have characters on them. If you go on ebay or elsewhere online there are custom ones but they are also charging several bucks for just one paci-clip. So instead of purchasing one, I looked at the picture, bought some supplies and now have enough to make 10 for the price of about 3. I figure I have enough friends who are expecting right now, that I can happily share the wealth.

Here's my first Paci-clip on one of Lil-bit's outfits

I also made some wall art for her nursery. Someone - long ago posted a link to a webpage that gave instructions for making a clock out of a book. I loved the idea. Made one out of Dr.Seuss book for another friend's little girl last year. So this year I used one of my faves as inspiration for the nursery. I have my good copies of the book in the book shelf, but bought this copy used from half.com for less than 2 bucks. It was even hardback :D. I took pages out of it and framed some of the artwork. And then drilled my hole for the cover and inserted my clock works.


a wandering heart said...

love them!

Bear and I just read that book yesterday. (wHich I do believe you and J sent her!) She likes for me to help her act it out. :)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Such cute and unique ideas. Love them.

madretz said...

Great ideas Zann! From what I've heard, you can never have too many pacifiers, so those paci-clips are really useful. The clock is super cute and clever, too!