July 10, 2008

my 1st scarves

Well, technically, they're not mine. And they're my 2nd. But the 1st came out kind of "ribbony"... the yarn worked up thicker than I expected. When we got to my SIL's house, my niece saw what I had almost completed during the 6 hour road trip, retrieved some yarn they had around the house... and the rest is history. I did mix it with some extra white I had because midwestern winters call for extra warmth. But who's thinking about winter this time of year?

Then, of course I had to make one for the other niece. So SIL hit the craft dept. at Meijer. I should have learned from my 1st (unpictured) scarf that it would not be necessary to double the yarn. And somehow it seemed to grow. I left the scarf unfinished, missing just the fringe... SIL can finish that part.

As you can see, the kitten liked them!

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madretz said...

I love love love scarves! I think i knitted 40 scarves my first winter learning how to knit. I'm sure the kitty just loved the yarn, too...just be sure (s)he doesn't digest any of it!