February 22, 2009

it's DONE, really!

I "finished" Bear's blanket just before Valentine's Day, but it looked like it needed something to finish it off around the edges. I let my daughter pick the color she wanted me to use for the trim, and she adimantly stated she wanted pink and not turquoise when I held them up. I had hoped for a deeper pink, but the selection at the superstore was limited.

Last night, I finally tried to do the pattern on the link that Needlefingers posted in her comment, but let's just say it looked even more crooked than the rest of the blanket... Couldn't get the scallops even for the life of me. I thought about repeating the pattern I used in the blanket, but really wanted to try something different. So I did something simple, and I like the result.

What's everyone else working on lately?


happymcfamily said...

looks good

madretz said...

Great results! I likey.

I've messed around with my sewing machine a couple of months ago, I need to do a post here, too.