March 04, 2009

Flock of Seagulls Butterflies

Almost 2 years ago, when Nudge-Nudge was brand new, Phinner made some really cool paper butterflies. A few days later she made another one just for my BabyGirl. By the way, Phin, that picture still hangs on BabyGirl's bedroom door!

A few weeks later QM (my mother) ordered the kit so she could make some for BabyGirl's room. She blew up the patterns on a copier so we'd have all different sizes.

Last summer she gave me the kit & I started making them. I got a bit obsessed & spent a few days cutting out scrap booking paper, but I never finished most of them. Today I was cleaning out some stuff in my room when I found the unfinished butterflies & decided they needed to be put together.

In the end I made 14 butterflies. One was used last summer as a gift tag on a wedding present. The other 13 will be hung from the girls' bedroom ceiling somehow. How exactly, has yet to be decided. I'm considering tacking them to thin satin ribbon & pinning it into the ceiling, but I doubt my husband will go for that. :) I'm also thinking about cutting a few thin branches from our woods & hanging them from that making a sort of mobile to hang from the light in their room.

One of my favorites is the tiny one I made with random scrap pieces from other butterflies. I hated to throw the scraps away, so I glued them all on a solid piece & then cut this out.

Here's another one that was collaged together with bits of tissue paper. I love the texture of it.

And one final "flutterby." I love this dark blue paper. It came in the kit, so I'm not sure what the name of it is, but it looks like a glossy mulberry paper to me. It also has a lot of texture, but the shine makes me think of new leather.
I'll post a picture when I get them all finished & hung up.


a wandering heart said...

Those are beautiful!!!!!!

Kork said...

These are awesome! I've actually not visited here before, and I think I know why now...if I don't finish my multitude of projects that are oh-so-creative, I'll just keep finding more projects to work on!

ARRRGGGHHH!!!! The insanity of it all!

Seriously Farmie, these are gorgeous!

zann said...

those are very pretty, what are the middles made of?

zann said...

never mind, I just realized I could make the picture larger and then I realized it's rolled paper.. which makes it even cooler.

phin said...

those are soooooo cool, FarmWife!!! I especially love the "collaged" flutterbys! way to repurpose your scraps!!!

I like the branch idea!