February 19, 2006

Bird's Song

I'm on a roll!!! I was supposed to bake some more cookies tonight, but my art journal was calling. Just a little collage going on here. I used a 'zine picture of a bunch of rusted car motor parts to make the birdie's body and ground on which she stands.

The Bird's song is Bring Me to Life by Evanescence, in case you were wondering : .)

I submitted this to Illustration Friday. This week's theme was "Song."


Cate said...

OhMyGosh!!! I LOVE this. It's a very "tweet" picture. The colors are wonderful! I love the way you used the rusty car picture to make the bird.

I'll try to post something tonight. My camera's full & I haven't figured out how to make a CD so I can empty it. I've stored them in Picassa and I'm going to try to do the "gift disc", but I'm technologically lacking and the computer seems to know it.

Farm Wife said...

I love it!!!