February 20, 2006

Everything's Coming Up Roses

This is a recipe box I picked up for Inkling. It was pretty plain Jane and I thought it needed a little dressing up. I knew all those gardening catalogues I was hoarding would come in handy someday!

Since it's a wedding gift I thought the roses were appropriate. Inkling, if you see this, at least act surprised when I give it to you! I couldn't wait until then to post it.

I still need to seal it with something. Any suggestions? I've used Mod-Podge in the past, but thought it stayed a little sticky.

If you have any recipes you'd like to add to it, please send them to me at farmgirl_1976@hotmail.com and I promise to give you the credit!


Cate said...

She'll love it. What a good idea to fill it with favorite recipes. I'll find one and send it to you.

Is it over wood? I would have suggested Mod Podge, but if it's sticky maybe one of the spray on sealers might work. I use them on my gourds and they're not a bit sticky.

phinner said...

How colorful! It will be a bright spot in the kitchen. Now I know what I can do with all the flower 'zine cut-outs I've been saving.

I would also suggest a spray sealer. I'd try a waterproof version if one exists.

Karry said...

Thin down some white glue and brush it on. Dries un-sticky and hard - but not always clear so be careful how thick you put it on. :) Oh - and don't use the washable stuff - if it's a recipe box she will likely wipe it off now and then. :)

Very nice!

zann said...

how pretty. I did not know you decoupage.