February 08, 2007

Save the Date

Hey there...I realize this isn't Valentine-y...or punny for that matter...but I thought I would post a scan of the save-the-date for the wedding.

The cards are 6" x 4.25". I am making our invitations out of 12x12 sapphire stardream cardstock. The invitations will be 6"x6" square folders with an enclosure pocket on the inside left panel. The save-the-dates were made from the scrap left from the 12x12 cardstock once I folded and cut it all to size.

I printed the save-the-dates, invitations and response cards in dark chocolate brown ink all on one sheet of cream paper and cut them all to size as well. The lobster is a stamp I found at a local craft store...although I realize now, I could have just printed it myself on the paper. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the lobster.

Nan said...

I love dark, chocolate brown ink.

I was thinking about you today, Girl. I was going to pop over tonight and tell you about the contest.


madretz said...

I lurrrvvv that stardust paper from paper source!! I have some in red but just covet it, never use it. can't bare to part with it.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Oh, but you found your lobster. Love it.

zann said...

Very nice, of course now you know you've peaked my curiousity and you will have to post pics of th invite as well ;)

I always think of romance when I think of Lobsters anymore, ever since that line in Friends where Pheobe tells Rachel that she's Ross's Lobster.

Davis and Miriam said...
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Girl said...

Ok...A) I totally get you, Madretz, about not wanting to part with the paper...but it took me a long time to find paper that was the exact shade as my favorite color blue: the color of the ocean in New England at about 3:00pm on a bright summer day, that I figured it was worth it to use it as my wedding paper :)

and B) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ragged pulled out one of my FAVORITE Friends quotes. Oddly enough, I never caught on to the lobster/Friends thing until a couple of days ago. The reason we have a lobster on the card is because we are having a clam-bake with lummy lobsters :)