February 08, 2007

A Very Short Contest for Valentines Day

I'd like to invite everyone to participate in a contest.

Remember last year when we were so big into puns, let's try it again, but this time let's open it up a little and have funny poems too.

I invite you to make a punny valentine or a funny poem valentine. Doesn't matter who you want to make it for, but put it on Nudge-Nudge, and let me know when you do.
If the same puns are posted, and I doubt they will be, the one who posts first gets credit.
Definite points for originality, and for creativity. Pictures, pop-ups, collage, scrapbooking etc., the sky's the limit.

You have seven days. All entries must be in by Valentines Day.
I'll let you know the day after who has won, and YES, there will be snail mail prizes!!!

P.S. If you don't belong to Nudge-Nudge, I'll ask Madretz to put a note on Nudge-Nudge about how to join.

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