November 19, 2007

Bitten by the Bow Bug

For some reason I got in the mood to make some hair bows today. I don't usually get in that mood. Although I love hair bows for Juliana (there's no such thing as having too many) and I usually like the end result when I make the bows, my OCD tendency to want everything to be perfectly symmetrical aggravates me fairly early on in the bow-making process. If you've ever made a bow, you know that exact symmetry is nearly impossible. But alas, with leftover ribbon from card making and scrap-booking (and with the extra clips my sis so kindly gave me), here are the bows that were created today. I have a tendency to want to make 2 of everything in case she needs pigtail bows that match. I stopped at 1 with the Christmas bow (she already has 2 matching corker Christmas bows). The ribbon for the Christmas bow is what I'm using on our Christmas cards. Consider it a sneak peek :) Although the bow on our cards will be much simpler.


madretz said...

These are fantastic bows and perfectly symmetrical! Great idea to use your leftover ribbon.

a wandering heart said...

Is there an echo in blogger? ;) Love 'em!

Nan said...

Oooooh, Polka dots! I love polka dots!