November 28, 2007

the selective accuracy of toddler speech is amusing.

I could give you a gazillion examples of things that Juliana says. But what cracks me up is how sometimes she can say words completely accurately, and other times she still says it in toddlerese. For example, she may know a lot of words in a song, but when she sings it she slurs it all together. And when Juliana says "all cween" for all clean. That's pretty close. But when she sings the clean up song she sings "E up". Why not cween up? And she calls play-doh "toe-toe". I'll say, "Can you say Play?". She'll say "play". "Can you say doh?" "Doh". "Can you say Play-doh?" "Toe-toe". I just don't get it. :) hee hee.


Nan said...

That's so cute!

happymcfamily said...

oops, I just realized that I posted this here! I meant to put it on my own blog. How embarrassing :P