November 14, 2007

Yet another hat

I don't know what it is about me and toboggans* I rarely wear them but I do like to make them and own them. Here's my newest creation. This one is made of fleece. Very comfy and warm.
I saw something like it at a store in Jonesborough.. and thought to myself "I could make one of those for a lot less". And so I did. $10 dollars saved.

*I realize that in many places a toboggan is a kind of sled, trust me.. DH's grandmother looked at me like I was crazy when I said he had forgotten to wear his. And in our ongoing battle of whether it is a hat or sled, he did prove to me that by dictionary definition it is a sled. But where I grew up we wore toboggans and they kept your head warm, and I refuse to give up the term. So there :P.


phinner said...

Girlfriend, wikipedia sez: "In Southern American English, toboggan can also refer to the type of hat known elsewhere as a tuque, a ski hat, or a beanie. Sometimes this is shortened to boggan or lengthened to boggan cap." So you were RIGHT!!! But what the heck is a tuque? eee!!! You're so crafty! I love the color!!! Is the top a long pom-pom, or just strips of the fleece???

a wandering heart said...

Looks very cozy!!!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I saw wear a toboggan on your toboggan.

zann said...

I could wear a toboggan while on a toboggan. And I would be toasty warm.
Thank you phinner for giving me ammo :D
And they are fleece strips that make a pom pom.

Sorry for the cut off picture too, it makes me kind of look Blair Witch Project-ish

happymcfamily said...

Next time you should make one with ear flaps :)

Nan said...

Around these parts we always called them boggans. My husband and I have fought that battle many times (he's from Indiana). Another one we've never reconciled is how to say "wasps"(he says)or "waspers" (we say). I say, "When in Rome..." He's lived here 39 years but he's still a northern boy at heart.

Love the boggan! And I'm curious what does your DH's grandma call them.?