April 24, 2006

Baby Girl's Art Work

I just had to share these. Baby Girl made them in Preschool all by herself...as she loves to remind me. She cut them out, glued them together, and colored them for me. I love them both!

The red one is a "hula girl" inspired by a tatto on her great-grandfather's arm. The other she made about a month later. It's a house for the hula girl to live in...naturally. She's so proud of them, I couldn't help but show them off. I have to say, I was impressed by the detail a 4 year old put into them.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

An artist in the making.

madretz said...

Oh so very cute...love them both!

phinner said...

You never know what capture's their attention, huh? GGrandad's tattoo? Wow!!! BabyGirl is quite detail oriented! Sweet!!!

zann said...

She did a wonderful job all by herself. My particular favorite is the hula girl. He even captured the movement. She how her hip is stuck out?! And you can see the bakini top too and long hair. She did an excellent job.

You do have an artist in the making :)

Farm Wife said...

Dear Friends,
Thank you for liking my pictures.
Baby Girl

Cate said...

Sorry I'm late to tell Baby Girl how great her pictures are. Eliza thinks they are too.