April 12, 2006


I'm almost embarassed to put these here, but they're getting thrown out...finally. You can see how the rubber is separating from the canvas. I did them about twenty years ago, and actually wore them to school, much to my daughter's dismay.

I was painting canvas shoes like crazy then. I painted some for her with piano keys and puff paint of all things, and some with sparkles and glitter. Those she liked. Then I decided I wanted some, too. I liked them so much I kept them. Now I'm thinking I could probably cut out the designs and keep them in my scrapbook, and get rid of the rest of the shoe. Or, I may make myself another pair just like these...nah, I never do things the same way twice! Posted by Picasa


phinner said...

Hysterical!!! I love 'em! Have you considered shoe goo? Maybe you can extend their life!!! : .)
(To be honest tho', I probably would have been embarrassed that you wore them to school too!)

Farm Wife said...

I once painted some Chuck Taylors with daisies on one side and holstein cow spots on the other. I loved them. My folks thought I was nuts. Knew a guy who wore Chucks painted with Nuns...get it? Nun chucks...I'd wear those in a heart beat.

I love the teeth! Those are great shoes! You could always varnish them and put them on your kitchen cabinets (like my little boots).

madretz said...

These totally made me LOL! They have a whole lot of personality!!

I'll bet you'll feel like you're losing an old friend throwing them out but they'll be forever memorialized in your sb.

They eyes are awesome and so are the cute little smiles near your ankles.

Karry said...

superglue will connect that rubber to the canvas again - if oyu plan on wearing them much - choose somethign slightly flexible like E-6000 glue.

I completely love them. I have like three pairs and an old box of fabric paint I haven't used in ages - maybe i will do up a pair! :)

Alina Chau said...

LOL!! THat's very cool!!

zann said...

I've been meaning to post. I love the shoes. You should definately make another pair. Because with faces on your shoes how can you not have happy feet? :D

Cate said...

Karry and Phin, The shoes are unrepairable or I'd try something. The rubber in the soles has gotten hard and I can barely walk in them.

FW, I had to look up Chuck Taylors to see what they were. A lot of canvas to work with there! Love the nun chucks pun!

Zann, I believe happy feet are the key to "walking on sunshine...oohooh."

Thanks everyone for enjoying them with me. It's nice to have a celebration for them before they go to the big trash can in the sky.