April 03, 2006

Something Sparkly from the Farm

Blogger hate me. I've been trying this all day and it will not work...getting a tad frustrated here!

This is the jewelry I made to wear to
Inkling's wedding. Mama bought me a fabulous outfit but I needed something sparkly to go with it. I looked, but wasn't impressed with my choices at Wal-Mart (where else do Farm Wives shop?) so I headed to their craft dept. After $8.63 in supplies, this is what I came up with. And I have extras left over to play with.

The colors are a little off in the photo, but you get the idea. They're not as deep in real life, more rosy pink, less earth toned. I like the earrings, but think they may be a bit much so I'll probably save them for a time I'm not wearing the necklace.

I'd forgotten how much I love beads until I started this. I probably restrung the necklace 4 or 5 times before I was satisfied. That's what's great about beads, they're so easy to change. I think I may make some stuff for Baby Girl and the other 2 flower girls to wear after the wedding. The real trick will be saving them until Easter... you didn't really think I'd make it until May did you?


Cate said...

You can tell you've made jewelry before. They're beautiful. I can just picture them with the dress. Did you take lessons somewhere to learn how to string them and put clasps on etc?

phinner said...

Very nice!!! I like how you used different shapes and colors of beads. Did you use string or that fancy plastic coated wire?

Great work!!!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

So very beautiful and they will really be pretty with the outfit. So creative.

Farm Wife said...

I haven't beaded in YEARS. And then I did it on dental floss or fishing wire. I never took lessons, just took other necklaces apart to figure out how they were made.

This time I used beading wire (no plastic coating) and it came with the clasps and clamp beads to keep it all together. I love the heart shaped clasps.

zann said...

very nice. I too like that you used various beads and I like that you mad a two strand necklace but a three strand bracelet. You have flair. But then again, you always have :). I'm also impressed with your ability to get the wire ends to wrap nicely. I always end up with pokey point near my clasps that I can't quite seem to get wrapped neatly.

madretz said...

Very pretty! Love your bead selection and styles.
Don'tcha just love that about beading? You can make whatever you want to match your outfit. :)