March 26, 2006

More Gourds from Cate

Santa Gourd
Kaleidoscope Gourd
Poinsettia Gourd
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madretz said...

WOW!! These are stunning! I especially love the kaleidoscope gourd, looks like you had to carve it, too? How long does it take you to make one of these?

zann said...

I absolutely love the Kaleidoscope Gourd. It reminds me so much of work by artist Jim Shore (Heartwood Creek). I love his work, and I'm quickly becoming quite the fan of yours. Just gorgeous!

phinner said...

oooooh....awesome!!! I like the kaleidoscope gourd also.


is Santa's nose 3-D or is that the paint job? its cool how the shape of the gourd is incorporated into the piece. did that gourd scream Santa when you first saw it?

Musicgeek (Kim) said...

They are all awesome. My favorite is the Kaleidoscope gourd!

Cate said...

Madretz, I used a wood-burning tool to etch the design in the gourd.

The kaleidoscope gourd takes awhile to do. I actually use a kaleidoscope to get an idea of what I want it to look like, then I have to section it off and try to get it as symmetrical as possible, and few gourds are perfectly shaped so they don't line up exactly sometimes.

Zann, Thanks so much! I can't wait to show you my little critters I make with them...coming soon!

Phin, The noses are super-sculpy. It sticks really well! And, yes, some of them are easy to tell what they could be.

Kim, Thanks so much, looks like the kaleidoscope gourd is the clear winner.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous. I am amazed by the detail of each one. Marvelous work.

Farm Wife said...

I'm beyond impressed! The detail is amazing! How did you learn?