March 19, 2006

I'm so excited. Spring is almost here. You can tell by all the seeds on display in the stores. I've bought a packet of gourdseeds and I'm ready to plant! This is a picture of my first gourd creation, a little snowman.


Cate said...

I did this about six years ago. He's been joined since then by several friends, most of whom I've given away.

madretz said...

He's so very cute! Time for him to hibernate, though. :)

zann said...

How cut is he?! is his "ice" stand a glass box? I love his raffia hands and broom. Absolutely adorable.

Cate said...

Madretz, Spring has sprung! Time for his annual vacation to Antarctica!
Zann, His "ice" is one of those glass bricks you get at Lowes.

phinner said...

Geez, what a multi-talented bunch of artists we are!!! So, inspirational!

He's so sweet! You grow and dry your own gourds?! Did you make the broom? Do you use acrylic paints? Are his scarf and hat fabric? Your process please!!!

Sharon (see my spirit stick post) took us to a caneing shop (did I spell that correctly...they fix chairs and sell basket weaving supplies)where they also sold gourds and now I'm thinking of getting into a new craft!!!

Will you post some more of your stuff?

Cate said...

Phin, I had the directions saved in Word so it wasn't hard to post them for you.

Did you go to The Caning Shop? It's a great source for all things gourd. I think their internet address is

Gourds are a wonderful medium for all sorts of art. They're like a wood so you can woodburn them, paint on them, even use oil pencils. You can cut them, make musical instruments from them, and even drink out of them!

If you want to be blown away, go to
and look at Akira Blount's dolls. They are masterpieces using natural materials. (In the 2003 gallery she uses gourds for the doll skirts.)

I'll post some more of my gourds next week.

phinner said...

Merci!!! Yes, that is the caning shop Sharon took us to. I'll go check out the other link tonite from home.