March 24, 2006

Baby Blanket

This is a clover leaf blanket I made for my friend Kork. She's having her first baby in June and this is the gift I make everyone. It's easy to make, you can change it up as much as you like (Mom adds giant ric-rac or eyelet lace to the edges), and it folds up nicely to mail (Kork lives in Colorado).

It's made specifically for swaddling. My mom made these for all her friends' babies when I was growing up. My kids have about 6 of them she's made.

Kork doesn't know the baby's gender, so I wanted a material that would work either way. I'm sure she's tired of yellow and green by now and when I saw these beautiful zebras I knew they had to go live with her. The material is from Wal-Mart and is called "A Zebra of a Different Color." The back of the blanket is the coordinating fabric.

There are also 2 burp clothes made of the same material. I cross stitched "Welcome to the worked Baby Z" on one and "Baby Z" on the other using tear away cross stitch fabric.


phinner said...

So cute! Mystical flying zebras. Teaching tolerance, I see : .) Handmade gifts are the best!!!

zann said...

I really like the Zebra fabric - for a long while they were my signature critter (goes well with "Z" you see)

I'm not sure what a clover leaf blanket is though nor how it works for swaddling (I do understand the technique of swaddling- just not how it is done with said blanket.).
Think you could do some explaining?

Farm Wife said...

This isn't easy to explain, but I'll try.
The blanket opens up like a clover with 4 petals. You lay the baby with it's head pointing to one and pull the other petals over, up and over tucking securely until baby resembles a burrito. hope that helps, probably just made matters worse.

Cate said...

I'm still laughing, "until baby resembles a burrito." Great way to describe it.

Love the zebras!

madretz said...

Oh so very cute!! Thanks for the description, being 'just' an Auntie I wasn't quite sure what a clover leaf blankie was either...but I have swaddled a baby once or twice, and they do look like baby burritos.

Farm Wife said...

Madretz, There is no such thing as 'just and Auntie.' Aunties are of the utmost importance! And I'm glad you liked it!