March 13, 2006

If You Give A Mom A Mop

This is a collaborative effort between Farmwife and Zannli. Farmwife wrote this incredibly cute piece of work and zannli drew the pictures.
We hope you find it enjoyable.


If you give a mom a mop,
She'll ask you for a vacuum.

But first She'll want to dust,
so she'll ask you for a dust rag.

Then she'll notice the rag drawer is empty,
so she'll want to do the wash

When you take her to the laundry room
she'll have to walk past the kitchen sink.
She'll see all the dirty dishes
and want to load the dishwasher.

When she gets out the dish soap
she'll want to organize the cleaners.

While she's organizing the cleaners,
Grandma will call.
They will talk for an hour
while Mom alphabetizes her Rolodex.

Once she gets off the phone
she'll want to check her e-mail.

While she's online, she'll read about a new brand of linoleum.
Then she'll look at the floors,

And ask you for a mop.


phinner said...

What a wonderful collaboration!

I was expecting that the mom would get distracted, forget what she was doing, and take the kids out for ice cream!!! Oh wait, that's what I would do! : .)

Great work ladies! I love the story and the clean lines of the illustrations!

Musicgeek (Kim) said...

I could use a mom like that aorund here!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Very cute. Neat collaboration.

Farm Wife said...

For those of you not up on children's lit, there's a series of books called If You Give A... Moose a Muffin, Pig a Pancake, Mouse a Cookie...They all start out with that phrase and then circle back around to it. I love them and they made me think of how I clean house. It's the ADD coming out in me!
Glad you liked them. And much thanks to Zannli for the illustrations!!!

emily said...

i love this! i make up "if you...then you" stories all the time because of those books. good job girls.

madretz said...

This is soo fun!

I've seen those books but haven't read one before. I'll check it out the next time I'm at the bookstore. :)

Cate said...

This is so cute! I love the whole thing and I'm blown away by your talented collaboration. It's fantastic!

Sarah said...


The Daring One said...

That is very funny and a little too familiar. It's so easy to bounce from one thing to the next to the next and then poof - the day is over.

I have a friend whose children think that series of books are silly and make no sense. She said, "Yes, they make sense. They're the story of my life." However, in that case, I think she was saying that her children were the pig and she was the one running from room to room getting things for them all day.