March 20, 2006

A Little Music for Inkling

When my cousin Inkling first got in touch with her intended Henry David, she told me if it ever led anywhere she wanted my recepies and hymns for her kitchen window. You see my mom and I both keep pages out of old hymnals covered in contact paper at our kitchen sinks so we can sing while we wash dishes. There's nothing worse than being up to your elbows in suds and forgetting the third verse of Great is Thy Faithfulness...At least not in our little worlds.

I didn't have anymore old hymnals to tear apart, so I did the next best thing. I photo copied them. Then I tea stained some and coffee stained others. I pulled the excess edges off the paper while it was still wet. Once dry I ironed them flat and glued them to card stock I had decorated so they would stand up better. A few days later I covered them in clear contact paper to keep them clean and dry (that's country style laminating).

She was thrilled with them, and my Aunt wanted to know when I was going to make her some. The picture isn't great. Contact paper has a glare with or without the flash. Hope you can make it out.

In all I did 18 songs, front and back of 20 sheets. Two of them were 2 page hymns. These were some of my favorites.


Cate said...

I had forgotten all about sending you recipes! I'm so sorry. Is it too late now?

I love the hymns. The old hymns will always be my favorites. My Hub's all-time favorite hymn is "Just a Closer Walk with Thee." I need to do something like you did (but with much bigger words) and put it on the mirror of the sink where he shaves. He's got a birthday coming up. I hope I don't forget this, too!

phinner said...

Music...A universal love language.

I love the background papers. Did you stamp some of them? The glitter on the wings of the bees is a nice touch.

Farm Wife said...

Cate, I already gave her the box, but if you want to send me some recipies I'll make sure she gets them. I did put in you Banana bread recipe from a few weeks back.

Yes, I did quite a bit of stamping on them. Some I just wrote things around like "you are loved" and "Inkling & Henry David." One is mounted on a hand made mulberry paper I've had for ever.

madretz said...

These are great. They bring me back to my childhood, too. My mom used to sing hymns around the house. "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" and "How Great Thou Art" were two of her favorites. Haven't thought about that in a dozen years or more.

Love that you tea and coffee stained them. Very nice job!!!